Goals for Children's Learning

Aligned to Illinois Early Learning Standards

About TLC Learning Center
  • Observe real life settings in which reading and writing are used.
  • Understand mathematical relationships: patterning, sorting and classifying, making graphs (organize, collect, compare, and interpret data), measuring, geometry and probability.
  • Acquire a love for literature.
  • Develop oral language skills, self expression, questioning and vocabulary.
  • Use mathematical skills in real life situations.
  • Develop understanding of time concepts.
  • Discover relationships of growth and change (matter, plants and animals) and cause and effect.
  • Observe and make discoveries (using all senses).
  • Classify by similarities and differences.
  • Communicate observations and classifications (describe, draw and graph data).
  • Predict events based on observation.



The Montessori Curriculum is an integrated thematic approach that ties together separate disciplines into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience. In this way, one lesson leads to many others.

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School Age

Children are natural problem solvers, capable of coming up with imaginative solutions that might not occur to adults. At TLC we encourage these skills by providing children with hands -on tasks with real -life applications to help develop realistic problem—solving strategies.

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3 - 6 Years

The Montessori Method centers on the premise that a child carries within himself/herself the man he/she is to become in the future. In order for this creation to develop properly, a child must be given the freedom to explore and discover in an environment without ...

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0 - 3 Years

Welcome to the Infant Room where we care for infants 6 weeks to 15 months. Because infants grow and develop at different stages, their needs are met on individual basis. Feeding, sleeping, and diapering are done as needed for each child. We also work closely ...

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