Program Details: 0 - 3 Years

0 - 3 Years


Each child in the infant room begins their year in their own unique way. As the year progresses and the children develop, their daily routines will change and become more familiar and the classroom will take on a more recognized structure. Through daily observations, we are able to re-evaluate our classroom routines to meet each child's ever changing interests and development.


Welcome to the Infant Room where we care for infants 6 weeks to 15 months. Because infants grow and develop at different stages, their needs are met on individual basis. Feeding, sleeping, and diapering are done as needed for each child. We also work closely with our families in helping us getting to know and learn each child by sending out monthly feeding schedules. During play time, we assist the infants in tummy time which is essential to their development. We also allow the infants to explore their environment and, when welcome, we engage in play with them talking about things that caught their attention within the environment. While engaging in play with infants, the teachers take note of observations to document and take pictures of what the infants are doing. Infants learn through trusting and caring adults to acknowledge their needs. We incorporate physical, social-emotional, cognitive-language development into our lesson plans to provide the best care possible for our infants.

0 - 3 Years