Frequently asked questions

  • When are Tours given?

    Because of the high number of requests we receive from parents wishing to tour the Center, we offer an Open House each September.

    We also provide Individual family tours that are given between 9:00 am amd 11:45 am and from 2:00 pm to 4:45pm Monday thru Friday.

  • Are part-time spots available?

    Yes, Part-time children can only come on the days specified in their contract. If there is space available extra days can be contracted but only if it has been approved by the center Director.

  • What is the cost of tuition?

    Tuition rates for the following enrollment year are determined in January. Please schedule a tour to inquire about current tuition rates.

  • Does the TLC provide food?

    Our in-house kitchen provides a morning snack, breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and evening snack for children old enough to eat table food. Parents are asked to provide bottles for infants. Once a child is old enough to eat table food, the teachers and parents work together to introduce these new foods. An infant menu and toddler/preschool menu is posted in the front lobby. TLC participates in the CACFP Food Program.

  • Can I visit my child?

    Yes! Parents are invited to visit often, and become involved in many class activities and experiences, such as Field trips and Family activities. Parents are seen as partners in their child's experience at the center and are always welcome.

  • When does TLC close?

    We are closed on national holidays. We also provide one day of in-service for our staff each August to prepare for the upcoming program year. The list of these days are in the family handbook. Tuition is not reduced during these days.

  • What is your discipline policy?

    The TLC adheres to the NAEYC Guidelines for Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Guidelines to Accreditation as well as Illinois DCFS guidelines. An enriched environment, on-going observation of individual children, as well as a style of close supervision and interaction support this recommendation.

  • Policy for sick children?

    Children will be excluded from participation in the program if they exhibit symptoms of any communicable disease. They will not be permitted to return to the program until they are no longer contagious. Guidelines for determining the contagious period for a specific illness are based on the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children must present a doctor’s note stating they are no longer contagious and can return to the program. T. L. C. reserves the right to refuse to allow a child to return if the Center Director or designated person believes the child to be too ill to participate in the program.

    Children excluded from the program due to a fever may not return to the program until they are fever free, without fever reducing medication, for 24 hours. If your child is sent home due to a fever, he/she is not permitted to return to the program the following day at a minimum. A fever is defined as a temperature reading on a thermometer of at least 101 degrees Fahrenheit or more as taken under the arm.

    Children are required to be excluded from the program for lose bowels or diarrhea which occur 3 or more times in a 24 hours period of time. Children may return to the program when normal bowel movements resume.

  • Can you give medicine to my child?

    T.L.C. will dispense over-the-counter, fever reducing/pain medication (ex. Children’s Tylenol, Children’s Motrin) on an “as needed” basis with a doctor’s note detailing the recommended reasons for administration and appropriate dosage. Guardians are required to supply an unopened bottle of the fever reducing/pain medication clearly labeled with their child’s name. One note and bottle of fever reducing/pain medication is required per child. Prior to administering fever reducing/pain medication, staff will contact a Guardian or person listed on emergency contact form if a Guardian cannot be reached. Staff will also inform the Guardian or emergency contact person if it is necessary for the child to be picked up due to illness. Refer to the policy listed above regarding picking up ill children.

  • Does TLC accept childcare subsidies?

    Yes, There must be a written contract. Verbal authorization is not valid. Guardians of a subsidized child must complete all required paperwork to continue enrollment at T. L. C. Guardians of subsidized children are also required to sign a fee agreement, agreeing to be personally responsible for the full payment of tuition in the event they become ineligible to receive child care subsidies.

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